The Farm

On the farm you will often find Hans tending the cattle, goats and chickens. The cows and goats graze in the meadows or seek the shade of trees and shrubs. In bad weather, there is a stable where the animals can find shelter.

Beside the cows for the production of meat (Marhigiana) we have some cows for the milk production. they will be milked by hand twice a day.

The goats have their meadow for themselves which is specially fenced so the fox can't take the litle ones away.

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The basis of agriturismo in Italy is the farm, and the produce it yields is intended as much as possible for the people living or staying at the farm. In doing this, we opt for beef, eggs and milk. Therefore, you can enjoy the peace and atmosphere of Italian life with all the care of healthy and delicious food.
You can move freely across the 26 acres of land. During your walk, you will come across our own animals and possibly deer, roe deer, wild boar, badgers, foxes and porcupines and a great variety of birds. There have been reports of a wolf, but the sightings have been rare.
The forests have a large variety of deciduous and coniferous trees, with many mushrooms,  plants and flowers species.